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Welcome to The Muscle Mechanics, Dunedin's #1 Manual Therapy Clinic

Athlete? Desk-dweller? We treat people from all walks of life:

If you are tight, sore, stiff, niggly, training for an event, want to improve your posture/ mobility/ sporting performance, or your just looking for a world-class massage treatment.. you have come to the right place. 

We are trusted by top teams & athletes (The Highlanders, All Blacks, Crossfit athletes, ultra runners, combat athletes, triathletes and many more), all the way through to people dealing with chronic postural pain and anyone else that wants to get the most of their body. 

"Sports Massage" doesn't have to be painful, and it isn't just for athletes!

Why The Muscle Mechanics?

Regular massage is nice, but here at The Muscle Mechanics we combine our massage therapy skillset with the sciences of anatomy, biomechanics, and functional movement.
Because we integrate these sciences into our work (as well as selecting the best therapists) our treatments are a powerful tool in reducing pain, restoring soft tissue health, and improving optimal function.

Our therapists will assess your condition and then target their work to your individual needs. We put a lot of work into being very good at our jobs and we pride ourselves on a world-class service. 

We will happily work in collaboration with your Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Trainer, and have a great network of quality health professionals that we refer to if that is what is best for you. 

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service. If you ever have any concerns with the standard your treatment, please get in touch with our clinic director (Theo), and he will arrange for an immediate and full refund for that treatment, as well as addressing the issue. 

Health Insurance

Depending on your Insurer and your policy, you may be able to claim some of your treatment(s) here at The Muscle Mechanics. PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH US BEFORE BOOKING if you intend to claim your treatment with your insurer.

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