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Join Our Team

Interested in joining The Muscle Mechanics?

Our mission is to improve peoples lives by helping them to get the most out of their body. To be able to do that we need a highly skilled, growth minded and passionate team. 

We are growing steadily and are always looking for talented massage therapists to join us in our thriving Dowling St clinic.

If you like what we are doing and are keen to be a part of it, please introduce yourself to our clinic director Theo, he would love to hear from you!

theo at
022 301 9979

A Bigger Picture
We empower our therapists with assessment systems and movement coaching skills to add to their manual therapy toolkit. 
The well rounded skillset that our therapists develop allows us to help our clients to truely rebalance their bodies. 

Our clients come to us for expert help in getting the most out of their bodies... This means your skillset as a Manual Therapist will be very highly valued by clients, and you will be achieving meaningful positive change in peoples lives. 

We see the future of rehab being a combination of quality assessment, manual therapy, movement coaching + health education to achieve real and long lasting results for people of all walks of life.

Competitive Compensation
Our therapists are very happy!
Because of our exceptional service + reputation, we are able to provide our therapists with more clients, a higher standard of pay and a more supportive/ professional working environment than one would have by setting up an a stand alone practice, or by working in a regular clinic. 

Education and Support
Our management strategy is one of support and personal growth, not micro management. We always do our best to provide an environment and systems which put you in the best possible position to enjoy your work and get fantastic results with clients. We have an internal education programme where we collaborate to develop and refine our assessment/ treatment/ coaching skillsets. 

Personal Growth + Individual Respect 
We believe in the importance of supporting the individual to grow, and we aspire to support the personal and professional growth of our team in any way that we can.
As a business, we are steadily growing, which is creating an exciting future for anyone who is a part of our journey.

Flexible Schedules
Lifestyle is very important to us, all of our therapists choose and manage their own schedules to make sure it suits the rest of their lives.

Happy Therapists + Happy Clients 
The two core pillars of our business are happy therapists + happy clients, so we do everything we can to ensure this!