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I’ve never had a professional massage –what should I expect at The Muscle Mechanics?
On your first visit, we will have you fill out an intake form, which has questions related to the massage. This is the time for you to ask any questions you have, and tell us about anything to be careful around like injuries or sensitivities. Before the massage starts we will make a plan of what we want to achieve with the session. We will then give you instructions on how we want you on the table (face down/ up). Then leave the massage room while you disrobe, get onto the table and cover yourself with the towel provided.  
During the treatment...
We use a range of treatment methods to warm up, stretch and release tension in your soft tissues, we focus mostly on your myofascia as well as neuromuscular tension. It doesn't have to be painful! 
Your therapist will check in with you to make sure that you are tolerating the work, that we are achieving the discussed/ desired level of pressure and to remind you to breathe and relax. We never work on private parts of your body and keep these areas covered by the towel at all times to ensure privacy and professionalism.
Massage is a luxury that feels amazing (although sometimes intense if you request deeper pressure). We have an environment which encourages you to relax and release as much tension as possible. As the client, your input during the massage is important, please speak up if you have anything to communicate!
After the treatment
You will have plenty of time to ease your way to standing, get dressed etc. You will be made welcome to use the towels provided to wipe off any oil (although if you wish to leave it on its great for your skin). We will also have a glass of water waiting which you can drink while arranging your next appointment and trying to remember where you parked your car. 

How fast will it work? 
Treatments can achieve the desired outcome immediately, or it can require several (or recurring) appointments to reach the desired level of comfort and function. This depends on the condition of the tissues, quality of movement/ posture, as well as the clients day to day workload and any history of trauma/ injury.

Will I be sore afterwards? 
Sports Massage/ Muscle Therapy can sometimes result in some discomfort, tenderness, bruising, or twitching for a few days following the treatment. This is usually a good sign, and is best managed with hydration and a little extra rest and self care. If we are preparing your for an event we will work lighter / focus on blood flow, to make sure there is no tissue damage which might hinder your performance.

How do I take care of myself after a massage?
Massage is an investment in your body, in order to maximize this investment it is important to take care of your body following your massage. 
Because massage releases tension and opens up your range of motion, it is ideal to do what you can to maintain this increased mobility and comfort. Post massage is a great time to do some work on technique/ positioning (if your an athlete wanting to improve mechanics), but its not a time to add loading- especially if its been a heavy treatment. If you are having a pre event massage we will make sure it is a lighter "flush through" treatment.

While we all know how important it is to drink plenty of water, it is especially important after a massage. For at least 24 hours after your treatment, we advise that you drink extra water to help your body do its job. While people often feel refreshed and wonderful after a massage, sometimes you may feel sore/ tender the day after their session. This is a normal response, especially after a deep tissue work. It should go away with in 24 to 36 hours. 

Resting, quality sleep, light stretching, light exercise like walking, healthy eating (lots of vegetables and quality protein for muscle recovery) and plenty of water will help optimize the post massage benefits, and are key elements of a healthy lifestyle that regular treatment with us will enhance. 

We also advise you to avoid long periods of sitting, driving, poor posture, low quality food or heavy/ repetitive exercise following your treatment, as this can result in the loose/ relaxed muscles quickly becoming tense and sore. 

Should I eat before my massage?
It is ideal to avoid a heavy meal in the 1-2 hr period prior to your treatment.  Heavy, rich food in the stomach may cause cramping, and prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of your treatment. Please make sure your not dehydrated or over hydrated when coming for your treatment. You will be welcome to pause the treatment for a bathroom break if you need.

Do I have to take my clothes off?
Yes, it is necessary for you to be mostly undressed. Your therapist must have access to the body. We ask that your underpants remain on (or that you wear stretchy shorts that can be moved around to access the glutes). The therapist will work over your underpants or sports shorts, or move the fabric around to work on specific muscles. It's easier with the bra off, but can be worked around. The breast and genitals are not worked on or visible to the therapist during a treatment. You will never be on the table without being covered by a sheet or towel. When you turn over, your therapist will use the towel as a curtain, or can leave the room for you to turn over if you prefer, please follow the therapist’s directions, to ensure this process is successful so that modesty is ensured.

Please bring some sports shorts if you are a client that is wanting exercise rehab/ stretch coaching integrated into your treatment. 

When is massage not a good idea?

Although massage is an amazing tool and very useful for most people, there are some conditions where massage can be inappropriate, if you are unsure give us a call and ask:
  • Fever/ illness -massage stimulates circulation which can interfere with bodies defenses when sick. Also a good idea to isolate yourself rather than spread any contagious sickness to your favorite muscle therapist!
  • Inflammation -massage can irritate severe inflammation.
  • Skin problems/ infections/ cuts or scratches -we will avoid working on any areas that have any skin problems.
  • High Blood Pressure -massage can be very beneficial here, just advise us so that we know we are working with this condition.
  • Cancer and other conditions and diseases -these conditions all have contradictions, often a light relaxation massage can be beneficial.

Will I find parking close to The Muscle Mechanics Studio on Dowling St?
Yes, the building our studio is in (Cromwell Chambers) has a large DCC car park  beside it (directly opposite Les Mills Gym), which almost always has car parking available for $2 per hour. Please allow yourself ample time to park etc so that you don't loose any of your time on the table (we run on schedule).

Do I have to be an athlete to get massage at The Muscle Mechanics? 

No! We are passionate about working with anyone that is committed to looking after their body. Treatments don't have to be painful (please tell your therapist if you want a more gentle treatment). Our client base includes seasoned athletes and office workers, males and females, young people and older people. Check out the testimonials on the bottom of our home page to see a few of our happy clients! 

Why Include Sports Massage/ Muscle Therapy in Your Fitness and Wellbeing Regime? 

There are a lot of good reasons why the top athletes of every sport receive regular massage (but its not just pro athletes that need it)...
  1. Normal use of the body results in tension. Heavy exercise, stress, desk jobs, poor skeletal alignment, overuse, injuries, chronic sitting, health issues and more, can all result in tight soft tissues.
  2. Releasing this tension feels amazing because it is amazing for you. Neglecting this tension can result in inefficient tight/ knotty muscles, loss of range of motion, frequent injuries, misalignment, seriously compromised mobility later in life, and a generally less healthy and capable body. 
  3. Quality Sports Massage/ Muscle Therapy is one of the most effective and efficient ways of releasing tension in the fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments and even in the mind. The benefits of massage are huge and widespread, as many of us have experienced.
  4. For us its all about combining massage with a healthy and active lifestyle to build a more efficient, healthier, better aligned, higher performing body that is more resistant to injury and is going to last a long time! 
  5. Our clients consistently say that regular work with us is one of the best things they do to look after their body. It works!