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The Best Gift: 

Our Treatment Vouchers are a voucher for time here at The Muscle Mechanics, rather than a specific style of treatment, or for a specific Therapist. 
This way the "giftee" can choose who they want to work with; and that therapist will assess their body's needs when they come in, then make sure that the treatment is tailored specifically to what they want. (The "giftee" can choose whether to have a deeper massage, a lighter more relaxing treatment, or something in-between). 

30 Min Voucher:  $55.00
1 Hour Voucher:  $90.00
1.5 Hour Voucher:  $135.00

If they need to look after their body and/or they love massage therapy, they will love this gift! Our team of skilled & professional therapists will look after them extremely well.