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Thankyou Theo for the deep tissue massages over the last year, I felt great pre race and stayed injury free leading up to the coast to coast and have recovered quickly afterwards. 
For anyone wanting to have a go at multisport or are in need of a massage I highly recommend the muscle mechanics, not only do they perform an effective deep tissue massage they also offer nutritional and training knowledge and are all round great guys!!

- Ingrid Vollweiler, Physiotherapist

" I was a wee bit hesitant when I first booked in because I had never had a massage before but when I arrived Matt was so professional and made me feel at ease straight away.
I have found my training, mobility and range of movement improves so much after a massage with Matt.  
I recommend The Muscle Mechanics to everyone who asks me who I go to, they are so professional, it’s a great environment, they hit all the right spots and the heated room is awesome too."  - Nicole Stuart

"These guys are amazing! I suffered from on-going headaches due to a couple of falls off my horse. I tried physio and acupuncture. I was taking pain meds daily. After a few weeks of having deep tissue massage, Theo really alleviated the issues I was having. I totally recommend, 10/10 outcome! :-)"

Charlotte Couch, Young Professional, Dunedin. 

"For rugby training during the season, regular massage with The Muscle Mechanics have been fundamental to injury prevention. In the off season, regular massage ensures I keep good mobility and allows me to recover for the next intense training."
- Robert Jordan

"I had ongoing neck pain which was really starting to bother me, and which had got past the stretch-and-fix-it point... Matthew was 100% professional, so I felt wonderfully welcome and relaxed from start to finish... These guys really understand the body and are strong yet gentle. I can’t think of nicer people to entrust your body to." 

Imogen Coxhead, International Gold Medalist, Womans Singles (Rowing/Masters)

"These two guys really know what they are doing! My passion and love is bodybuilding and my dream is to get to the top but with each training session getting more intense then the last my body gets tight and tends not to respond. I was at a loss and didn't know what to do until I saw The Muscle Mechanics, they took away all my tension and allowed my body to recover, and helped me grow better and faster. I'll be a regular with these guys couldn't recommend anyone better!!"

Joe Voyce, Manager, Snap Fitness Dunedin

"If your in Dunedin these lads are by far The Best in town. They know their stuff, will look after you, and are extremely professional! 

Shane Berland, Personal Trainer

"These guys are the real dealfixed up an injury in one session where 2 months physio could not. Both Theo and Matt walk the walk in their own training so is perfect for communicating your needs and getting relatable advice!"
- Liam Egan 

"My life has changed dramatically since starting regular massage with the Muscle Mechanics, I am now injury free and my body is quicker and much more capable at adapting and coping with the high level of training I undertake. I have also noticed an improvement in my overall heath through an increase of the ability to relax and get a better sleep."

Hazel Cunliffe, Otago Rowing Champ
"Im really happy to have found The Muscle Mechanics, I was suffering with tight sore muscles and injuries that were negatively effecting my training and lifestyle. Now my muscles feel less sore and tight and I'm sleeping better. I recommend Matthew and Theo for sure, they are very professional and i always leave feeling relaxed and good." 

Alyssa, 18 Shop Assistant and Race Car Driver.

"Amazing! Matthew new exactly how much pressure was needed on my back and neck area, he made sure I was comfortable during the session and now I feel a lot better with no pain. I have also been getting a much more rested sleep since the massage :D
You guys are amazing!! Really friendly and professional and well worth the visit. "

Te Auripo Kamira

"Weekly massage with Theo is allowing me to train harder, which in turn increases my chance for success in the Himalaya" 

Paul Hersey, Dunedin based Adventurer & WriterRead more about Paul and what he has to say about us in his article here.
"Very professionalI left feeling great, that was just what i needed! The temperature was great too! Im looking forward to when you expand to Wellington. Ill be back and I will recommend you any of my clients heading to DunedinI'm also impressed by your vision- supporting recreational athletes to maintain a lower level of tension through regular massage would prevent a lot of the injuries and issues I see in my work!" 

- Sarah Tucker, Physiotherapist BPhty, Hutt Physiotherapy Center (Wellington).

"Matthew and Theo have helped me helped me heaps. I no longer experience back pain or discomfort at night time any more. Used to sleep with a suitcase or bag under my legs but now i don't need too. 
Definitely give these guys a go with working with any pains and niggles. The massage is really good and helpful at getting rid of tension. I train often and play heaps of sports and these sessions have helped heaps. I have been to see alot of different therapists and i definitely recommend The Muscle Mechanics, these guys are awesome."

Syreeta, 21, Multi-disciplinary athlete and student at Otago Uni.

"I didn't know how well it would go, other massage therapists haven't been strong enough to make a difference because I'm a bigger fella. You definitely got in there and were plenty strong enough to give me a thorough going over. A++ Thanks Tonnes" 

Boulder, athlete at Crossfit Uncut.

"Feels good, got into some tension which I've been wanting to address for a while, especially in my lower back and between my shoulders. Really stoked to get the mental connection/ awareness of these issues also, now we can focus on dealing with it!" 

- Leroy Rust, Dunedin based Big Wave Surfer and finalist in the Oakley Big Wave Awards. To see Leroy in action click here.

"Theres no downside to it! Weekly massage with Theo has been a key factor in me stepping up my game over the past 6 months, I didn't even know it but my body tension was holding my performance and wellbeing back, now its not. Its a step towards better health and wellbeing that i now recommend to everyone!" 

Andrew, 52, Landlord/ Builder/ Recreational Athlete.