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Welcome to The Muscle Mechanics, Dunedin's #1 Sports Massage/ Muscle Therapy Clinic

Athlete? Desk-dweller? Human? Every-body loves Muscle Therapy!

If you are tight, sore, stiff, niggly, want to prep for an event, want to recover from an event, want to rehabilitate from an injury (or complex tension-related pain/ dysfunction), want to improve your posture/ mobility/ sporting performance, or your just looking for a really good/ thorough massage... you have come to the right place!

If you are unsure of whether we are the right practitioners to help you, give us a call, text or email:  Click here to view our Contact Details.

We are a strong team of 3 highly skilled, experienced, and professional Sports Massage Therapists- based in a classy purpose built clinic in central Dunedin. Click here to see our Therapist Profiles.
We are dedicated to being very good at what we do, we live and breathe soft tissue health/ anatomy/ biomechanics/ human performance/ functional movement, so we love our jobs! We understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how our treatments work... and when we don't understand something- we will find out!  We are all strong enough to effectively treat larger athletes (as well as gentle enough to treat normal sized humans), and we are consistently delighted with the ability for our work to improve complex pain and dysfunction!  Click here to read about our range of Treatment Methods.

Our clients range from international-level professional athletes (All-Blacks, Highlanders, Silver-Ferns, CrossFit'rs, Rowers, Ultra Runners, Bodybuilders, Combat Athletes, Figure Skaters, Olympic Lifters, Power Lifters); to recreational athletes; to busy professionals, performers, health care professionals, office workers and people recovering from injuries/ surgeries. To see what our clients have to say about us; click here to go to the reviews section of our Facebook page, or click here to have a look at our testimonials page.
We are happy to help anyone that needs us. "Sports Massage" doesn't have to be painful, and it isn't just for athletes! 

Our Promise

We provide our clients with exceptional Sports Massage/ Muscle Therapy. If you ever have any concerns with the standard of any of your treatments, please get in touch with our clinic director (Theo Wallis) and he will arrange for an immediate and full refund for that treatment, as well as addressing the issue. 


Professional • Safe • Effective
(Sorry this is so long, but we are really passionate about doing what works!)

We always have our clients best interests as our primary focus, it's what our reputation is built upon. We don't muck around. We don't just "rub the sore spots". We don't "chase the pain". 

We do what works.

We are committed to offering a great value service with highly skilled professionals. We only bring on therapists that are extremely skilled at palpating soft tissues; that have personal athletic experience; that are great at listening and assessing to get a solid understanding how to most effectively target their work; that are highly motivated to provide the best treatment possible; that have a comprehensive set of proven treatment methods; and that understand the human body.

Also, we will happily refer you on to a (or communicate with your) Physiotherapist/ Osteopath/ Chiropractor/ Doctor/ PT/ Coach if we think that will be best for you, and we have a network of quality health professionals that we refer to as required. 

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