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We provide our clients with exceptional therapy:

Our high expectations, strength, professional skill set, keen understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, and passion for personal and professional development empowers us to deliver exceptional therapy and service. Please visit our Testimonials Page or reviews section on our Facebook page to see what our clients have to say about us. 

Theo Wallis - Sports Massage Therapist/ Clinic Director 

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Theo's background in skiing, surfing and strength training has driven his passion for health and human performance. He began his Manual Therapy training here in Dunedin through his uncle David Baillie in 2012 (a massage therapist and instructor with over 30 years experience), and has been self-driven in his studies of anatomy, biomechanics, assessment and functional movement over the past 6 years and over 7000 hands on hours since. 

The Muscle Mechanics founders and brothers, Matthew and Theo Wallis

Theo's clients range from international-level athletes (All-Blacks, Highlanders, Otago Rugby, Silver-Ferns, CrossFit Athletes, Rowers, Multisport Athlete's, Olympic/ Power Lifters, Fight Athletes etc); to recreational athletes, busy professionals, desk based workers and people rebuilding their bodies following injuries/ surgeries. 

By assessing your biomechanics, workload, tissue health and pain symptoms; Theo will tailor treatments and movement coaching to your specific needs and help you to get the most out of your body. 

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Hanna Morley - Sports Rehabilitator/ Sports Massage Therapist

Hanna has ten years’ experience in the Exercise and Fitness Field. She has practiced in the UK, USA and the UAE as a Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, treating and training a variety of clients, from professional athletes to occasional gym-goers, elderly clients, pregnant women, office workers and serious injury rehab. 

Hanna has a special interest in sports injuries, chronic injuries and corrective exercise and has worked with a number of professional sports teams. She has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Sport Rehabilitation and is a member of the British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Trainers. 

As a mother of two, a keen runner and fitness enthusiast,  Hanna appreciates the importance of maintaining an injury-free fit and healthy lifestyle.  She routinely continues her professional development and holds additional qualifications in Dry Needling, Kinesiology Taping and Sports Nutrition.

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Matthew Wallis - Sports Massage Therapist/ Co-Founder

Matthew and Theo Wallis, The Muscle Mechanics Matthew is a very well rounded practitioner. In addition to being a Sports Massage Therapist and co-founder of The Muscle Mechanics, he is qualified as a Personal Trainer with a special interest in injury rehabilitation. He is also and a keen lifter/ snowboarder/ surfer and has himself overcome many injuries that these sports have resulted in. 
Matthew offers a combination of highly skilled manual therapy and a sound functional movement coaching skillset to address the root-cause of pain and dysfunction in the body. 

Matthew Wallis, The Muscle Mechanics Matthews clients range from professional athletes, office workers, occasional gym goers, health care professionals, fight athletes, bodybuilders, musicians, individuals recovering from complex injuries and many more.

Matthew is a very attentive therapist and is well aware that he is working on people not just muscles. He is strong enough to work with our tightest athletes, and gentle enough to treat with great care.

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Laura Indrāne - Sports Massage Therapist/ Rehabilitation Trainer 

Laura's comprehensive skill set in body assessment, manual therapy techniques and functional rehabilitation comes from a background of over 9 years working in rehabilitation as a Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Functional Rehab Coach, and Personal Trainer. 

Originally from Latvia, Laura holds a Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy as well as a Masters Degree in Nutrition. She is very keen on sports herself with experience in equestrian, rowing, cross country skiing, strength training, motocross, rock climbing, hiking and sailing. Her love for the outdoors has driven her to live in this beautiful part of the world. 

Laura's background in Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy has given her valuable experience in helping a wide range of people to get the most out of their bodies; retired patients, world class athletes, desk based professionals, and recreational athletes from a huge range of sports. 

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